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Mini Yarn Box by Hannah


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A yarn bowl with a built in needle sizer, what could be more useful and perfect than that? If you have ever struggled to find your needle gauge, this may be your solution.

The outside of the box is 6"x5"x5.25"
The inside of the box is 5"x4.5"x4.75"

One average yarn cake can sit inside the box. One of the sides of the box has a slot for your yarn to come through, the other side has a built in needle sizer, and a 4" ruler. The box is also a nice size for stashing needles, buttons, and other notions when you're not using them!

Good to know:
-The wood that I use is sustainably harvested and local to Pennsylvania (as am I).
-The box is cut out with a laser, so those black edges are actually burned black. Leaving the edges black creates a beautiful two-tone design aesthetic that I like to use as a functional accent. The pieces of the box are sanded and oiled by hand. I use boiled linseed oil, a classic finish for wood. The linseed oil seals the wood and brings out its own naturally beautiful color. The box is pressed together, so there is no need for glue.
-The wood grain of each box is going to be different and unique - that's one of the beautiful things about working with a natural material!